Monday 17th  June


The weather is going nice and settled for most of this week , look’s like a change moving in during Friday 21th i’ll keep you informed on that as week progresses 


 We had a great days fishing with the Wicklow lads on Sunday , Mr Swan won the boat with nearly 400 points. Monday again lots fish but Mostly Pollack . kicking off with the Bass Trips from now (check out on line diary availability page )   

next Bass Fishing Trips 

 Tuesday 18th sailing 14;00 till 18;00 . Wednesday 19th Sailing 15;00 till 19;00 & Thursday sailing 16;00 till 20;00 (see home / availability page for details)  Spinning with Lures 

Lure Fishing Trips

I do Lure Fishing Trips  its great fun on light gear (spinning rods) For Bass  Pollack & Cod with some fish to double figures.

Clean Ground Fishing

Autumn Dream will be exploring clean ground fishing on the Sandbanks and in the Sandpeaks  targeting Plaice, Brill, Turbot, Blond Ray , Cuckoo ray, Sandy ray, Painted ray ,etc 

I will be drawing on the many years of experience fishing these grounds many years ago catching the above species, these same grounds haven’t being fished for decades now. the first trips to this ground will start in late spring

Tope trips

First Tope trip this season tomorrow Sunday 11th Specimen landed by Mark O’Donnell 160cm Well done Mark

Whale & Dolphin Trips

We spotted the Rissio’s Dolphins last week a pod of about 8 some were very white they here early this year 

Regards Eamonn

Autumn Dream